Last Digit Prediction Binary – Last Digit Differ Deriv Strategy

Deriv trading platform is the best for a versatile trading system. There is no trading strategy you cannot use in the derive platform. It can be a last-digit prediction, robot trading, forex trading, or crypto trading. Money management is the only ingredient you need to make money from deriv trading. Apart from that, developing your trading mindset is also essential for consistent trading profits.

You can use many trading systems in this deriv manual trading area. When traders want to smallest time trades for synthetic or forex trading, they use smart trading platforms where you can take trades for one second to an hour. However, remember that you can make quick money with this smart trading, and there is a high risk of losing money. We are sharing some manual smart trading strategies on this website; you can also check Touch No Touch Strategy Deriv.

last digit prediction binary

This trading strategy is one of the most simple and profitable trading systems in the deriv platform. This trading system is created based on the digit differ trading strategies of the deriv platform. You can only find this trading system here on deriv.

When using this system for your account, you must use “last digit stats” of the last 50 or 100 ticks. And you will see which number is less appears to the last digit of the price.

After you find the lowest amount of the last digit, letlest’s say it’s 3, which appears 3-4% of the time in the last 100 ticks. So, select the digit 3 for different digit numbers. In this way, you have a higher chance to win each trade.

You can use one to five ticks for each trade for trade duration. We recommend testing this strategy for different tick duration and seeing the results. There is no magic; this trading system is based on the facts of the market.

You do not need significant capital to trade in the manual trading system. However, the more capital you have, the better for you. We recommend at least $50 to your account using this trading system.

However, remember that no trading system is perfect; you can get one loss occasionally. In this situation, you can use martingale steps. If any trade loses, the next trade will be martingale by 11 times. And you will not see more than two losses in a row usually.

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You can only use this trading system on the deriv platform, and SmartTrader is the only place to use this safe trading strategy.

Although you can safely increase your trading balance using this trading system, we recommend testing this deriv strategy on your demo account so many times. In this way, you feel confident using this trading strategy regularly. You must follow other psychological trading rules for long-term trading success.

How to Start:

Step 1: Deriv SmartTrader Registration:
Step 2: Go to
Step 3: Pick a volatility index synthetic asset to trade
Step 4: Trading according to the strategy
Step 5: Make money

Recommended Settings:

Recommended minimum balance is $50
Initial Amount: $1
Profit: $5-$10 (You can use more, but making 5% is already very good)

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