Deriv Options – Deriv Digit Over 3 Trading Strategy

Deriv is an excellent spot, a digital trading platform where traders can play the markets – forex, commodities, indices; you name it. It’s like a virtual Wall Street. Simple, user-friendly, with a dash of variety, it’s a solid choice for fresh-faced novices and old hands in the trading game. They even use nifty features like automated bots, binary options, and other higher or lower-timeframe trading systems.

In the trading world, you can trade forex, binary options, use robots for auto trading, etc. gives you an opportunity for a few seconds of trading on their SmartTrader area, where you can use any trading system like rise and fall, digit over/under; digit differs/match, etc. We are sharing many simple deriv SmartTrader trading ideas on our website; if you like, you can also check Touch No Touch Strategy or Barrier Trading Strategy.

In this trading system, we share a digit over trading where you can make some quick bucks. It’s a straightforward trading system; even a schoolboy can understand this trading system.

Digit over the trading idea is one of the safest trading systems in deriv. In this trading, we are using digits over 3. Because it gives little more profit than digit over two or one trading strategy. However, there are more changes to losing trades.

There is no trading strategy in the world by which you can only win and not lose. So, losing any trade is typical, and you should accept it. Accepting trade loss is a vital psychological thing for trading. After any trading loss, we recommend going for the martingale trading steps until the win.

Martingale trading factor is three times for digits over three trading systems in the SmartTrader platform. However, you should only go for 3-4 martingale trading steps. After testing, you can win trades in 3-4 martingale trading steps.

We recommend at least $50 in your account balance when using a digit over three trading strategies in your account. You must start with $0.35.

When you lose, do not be greedy, and do not go for revenge trading. If you cannot accept the loss, you will lose your entire account within a few minutes. The market will not go anywhere; you can return later and make profits using any trading strategy or trading robot.

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You must use a deriv trading platform for this trading strategy. We are using the SmartTrader feature on for deriv over three techniques.

There is no exception for testing any trading strategy on your demo account. When you test this simple strategy on your account, you can understand its risk and so on. So, test it, make the trade, and make money at the end.

How to Start:

Step 1: Deriv SmartTrader Registration:
Step 2: Go to
Step 3: Pick a volatility index synthetic asset to trade
Step 4: Trading according to the strategy
Step 5: Make money

Recommended Settings:

Recommended minimum balance is $50
Initial Amount: $1
Profit: $5-$10 (You can use more, but making 5% is already very good)

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