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You can trade on the deriv platform in so many trading ways. SmartTrader, forex, binary options, deriv bot, and many other trading settings exist. From simple to complicated, you can trade on the deriv trading platform no matter your trading strategy. However, it would be best to have a profitable trading strategy to make profits and not overtrade. Remember that the more we lose our account, the lose the broker makes money from us.

Instead of the so many complex trading standing trading strategy, you can use the SmartTrider deriv platform for simple trading. Apart from, you cannot find such a simple platform anywhere online. If you follow the trading rules, you can make decent profits on the SmartTrader platform. We are sharing so many trading methods here; if you like, you can also check Barrier Trading Strategy or Digit Over 3 Strategy.

This trading strategy is created based on the simple digit over SmartTrader strategy for deriv. It’s one of the high-win ratio trading strategies in the world.

When you trade using this strategy, you will feel safe and only lose your account if you overtrade. So, if you can control your emotion on trading, you can make decent profits day after day.

In this trading strategy, The digit over two has been implemented. When the last digit of the market price is more than two after five ticks duration, you will be a winner and vice versa. You can test different tick duration as well as you can use different digits over numbers.

Most pro traders usually backtest and find the best trading system that suits them. And this is the primary way to make profits from trading in the long term.

After several years of trading in the SmartTrader platform, we observed that most traders lose money because of low temperament. You should not go more than three martingale trading steps using this digit over two trading strategy. However, you are eager to recover your money and go for 5-6 martingale trading steps. And you lose all the steps! So, you lose your account again. Follow the rules when you are trading.

You can use this trading strategy for any synthetic index. You can start using this trading system if you have $50 in your account. However, you need deriv SmartTrader platform to implement this trading system.

After testing, we found that this deriv trading strategy can give more than 85% profitability. However, you must test it. Testing is so simple, and it does not require as much time as we use five ticks duration. After you are happy with your testing, you can use a real account to make profits.

account, you can understand its risk and so on. So, test it, make the trade, and make money at the end.

How to Start:

Step 1: Deriv SmartTrader Registration:
Step 2: Go to
Step 3: Pick a volatility index synthetic asset to trade
Step 4: Trading according to the strategy
Step 5: Make money

Recommended Settings:

Recommended minimum balance is $50
Initial Amount: $1
Profit: $5-$10 (You can use more, but making 5% is already very good)

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